Dynamic Response of the Environments at Asteroids, the Moon, and moons of Mars

Goddard's DREAM2 Center for Space Environments

DREAM2 incorporates over 30 science investigators from over 10 academic Institutions to study the space environment at exploration targets. DREAM2 is:

  • A theory, modeling, data analysis research team examining the space environment at airless bodies
  • Answering "How does the space environment affect volatiles, exospheres, plasmas, surface micro-structure, and visiting human systems at any exposed rocky body?"
  • Emphasizing the dynamic solar storms and human interactions at airless bodies.
  • A modeling center that maintains, advances, and integrates state-of-the-art neutral, plasma, radiation, and surface interaction models
  • Sponsored by Solar System Exploration Research Institute (SSERVI) Headquartered out of Ames Research Center Moffett Field CA, 94035



DREAM2 Program Year 1 Annual Report                                                        Feb 26, 2015

The DREAM2 team report outlining the team's science and communication activity in program Year 1 is found here (in PDF). This report was sent to SSERVI-Central and to HQ.

Opportunities for DREAM2 Summer Internships at NASA Goddard                        Jan 23, 2015

Internship opportunities are available for undergraduate students to work with DREAM2 scientists at NASA Goddard. Research projects include modeling lunar surface material defects and hydrogen implantation, laboratory research into lunar chemistry, designing deep space Cubesat mission concepts, and using Apollo data to characterize the lunar environment. Applications are due by March 1, 2015. Internships run for 10 weeks, beginning in early June. Use the keyword "dream" to search for DREAM2 opportunities via the following link:


Recent DREAM2 results presented at SSERVI Director's Seminar                        Jan 21, 2015

An overview of DREAM2 results was recently presented at NASA Headquarters by DREAM2 PI Bill Farrell. Examples of DREAM2's science and exploration integration were shown, including recent work by the team on plasma-related differential charging of human systems at the Moon and asteroids, interaction of an outgassing spacecraft to a nearby small airless body, and allowable astronaut days in the space radiation environment.

To get a copy of the viewgraphs or watch a replay of the talk, see

DREAM2 Intern Opportunities at UC Berkeley                                                Jan 8, 2015

DREAM2 academic partner University of California at Berkeley has undergraduate intern opportunities to work on DREAM2 space environment projects at the Berkeley location. Application deadline is 2/15. For more information, contact Andrew Poppe (poppe@ssl.berkeley.edu) and see


DREAM2 Scientist sees effect of meteor showers in Mercury's Exosphere            Dec 12, 2014

DREAM2's Rosemary Killen and colleague Joe Hahn reports on a periodic surge of calcium atoms in the exosphere of Mercury as tracing back to impacts by meteor streams possibly associated with comet Encke. The press release is found at:


and the accepted science paper in Incarus is at:

DREAM2 Scientist Hurley: 'Women Count'                                        Nov 17, 2014

DREAM2 scientist Dana Hurley presents a thoughtful essay on the selection and advancement of women in science published in AGU's journal, EOS. See


DREAM2 Featured in Colloquium at Howard University                        Nov 5, 2014

Bill Farrell (DREAM2 PI) presented an overview of DREAM2.s modeling and research efforts to students and faculty in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Howard University on October 29. Lora Bleacher (Education Lead) also presented opportunities for students to get involved in DREAM2 research via undergraduate internships and outreach. The abstract and presentation can be found at http://physics1.howard.edu/news/news_seminars14.html.

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