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This tool provides an interface to GSFC's Planetary Spectrum Generator (PSG) system, which can be used to generate high-resolution spectra of planetary bodies (e.g., planets, moons, comets, exoplanets). PSG can be also accessed remotely via the Application Program Interface (API).

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Calculation template Help
Target and observer's geometry HelpTarget: Mars for date (2016/01/24 01:00 UT); geometry: Observatory from 1.4532 AU.
Atmosphere / Surface properties HelpSurface pressure: 4.971 mbar; Atmospheric temperature: 222.28 K; Molecular weigth: 43.34 g/mol; Gases: CO2,N2,O2,CO,H2O,O3; Surface temperature: 270.77 K; Albedo: 0.2762; Emissivity: 0.7238;
Instrument parameters HelpWavelength range 2700-2740 cm with a resolution of 0.02 cm. Molecular radiative-transfer enabled; Continuum flux module enabled;