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Major Research and Analysis Themes

Our third annual End-of-Year review will be held virtually
September 22-24, 2020

The Planetary Science Division and the Science Mission Directorate have initiated the Internal Scientist Funding Model (ISFM) to provide sustained support for certain core governmental scientific efforts involving NASA scientists. The ISFM support provided to scientists in the Solar System Exploration Division (SSED) at Goddard Space Flight Center enables more effective collaboration and support of the wider planetary science community with a focus on interdisciplinary initiatives and strong links to NASA’s space missions. The ISFM work packages now in place in the SSED support a scope of work focused on PSD goals including the following science themes:


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Exosphere-Ionosphere-Magnetosphere Modeling


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Fundamental Laboratory Research: exploration of planetary environments through laboratory experiments


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Goddard Instrument Field Team: analysis of rocky and icy analog environments through instrument field campaigns


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Planetary Geodesy: fundamental parameters of planetary bodies


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Sellers Exoplanet Environments Collaboration: searching for, modeling, and characterizing exoplanets through data analysis and mission definition