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History of Winter (HOW) - a panorama picture of a frozen lake bed with mountains in the background, three people in the center are seen from afar magnifying the vast scale of the lakeLink to the Global Snowflake Network - Join the Team!
HISTORY OF WINTER - A picture of a frozen lakebed where several scientists and teachers use a large chainsaw to cut out sections of ice for further study GLOBAL SNOWFLAKE NETWORK - A picture of snowflake crystals seen in extreme closeup, it looks like an alien world THERMOCHRON QUEST - A picture of a thermochron next to a common tack and a thermometer, the Thermochron is smaller than the tack

Thumbnail picture of Media Viewer for HOW Intro Video History of Winter (HOW) Program
+ View HOW Intro Video
+ Read the HOW agenda
Thumbnail picture of Media Viewer for the Snowpit Study Video HOW to Study Snowpits
+ View HOW Snowpit Video
+ Read Snowpit Protocol
Thumbnail picture of Media Viewer for Ice Core Study Video HOW to Study Ice Cores
+ View HOW Ice Thin Sectioning Video
+ Read Ice Thin Sectioning Protocol
Thumbnail picture of Media Viewer for Ice Core Study Video History of Winter 2004
+ View overview of HOW/Excite 2004

Thumbnail picture of Media Viewer for Global Snowflake Network Intro Video Introduction to the Global Snowflake Network (GSN)
+ View GSN Intro Video
International Polar Year Logo GSN for the International Polar Year
+ Read IPY Endorsement Letter
Thumbnail picture of Media Viewer for Global Snowflake Network Protocol Video Collecting Snowflakes for the GSN
+ View GSN Protocol Video
+ Read Snowflake Protocol
Thumbnail picture of various tools for snowflake collection GSN Data Sheets
+ View Sample Basic Mode Data Sheet
+ View Sample Detailed Mode Data Sheet
+ Download Basic Mode Data Sheet
+ Download Detailed Mode Data Sheet

Thumbnail picture of students gathered around a laptop computer intently watching the Thermochron Intro Video HOW introduces the Thermochron
+ View the Thermochron Tutorial
+ Read Thermochron Guide
Thumbnail picture of Scientist Allen Lundsford holding a miniscule Thermochron between index finger and thumb Chronicling a Thermochron Experiment
+ Read the experiment narrative
A herd of reindeer prancing in the snow Thermochrons, Reindeer Herders and Dogsleds
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Coming Soon! Thermochron Mission
+ Coming soon - stay tuned...

03.31.07 - HOW Press Release
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03.31.07 - GSN at NSTA
Join us at NSTA for the presentation “Frozen Moments in Time—Join the Global Snowflake Network!”
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02.15.07 - HOW joins Norway for the Opening of the IP-IPY
The target window for the next Space Shuttle flight moved to March 2005.
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02.15.07 - GSN featured on “Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science”
“When a fresh batch of snow falls, it's not long before the fun starts! Now, add a little more fun by catching snow.”
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02.26.06 - HOW Scientist Looks at Olympic Ice in a Frozen Light
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HOW/GSN/TQ Partners
Logo of EALAT EALAT-Reindeer Herders Vulnerability Network Study
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Logo of Buffalo Science Museum Buffalo Museum of Science
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Go North! Logo Go North! Polar Husky
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Finnmark 2007 Logo Finnmark 2007
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