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Principal Investigator: Rosemary M. Killen
Co-Deputy PIs: William Farrell, Christine Hartzell

LEADER explores the lunar environment and the two-way connection with human systems, providing the first ever studies of this Human-Environment interaction feedback cycle.

LEADER's four fundamental themes – Plasma, Dust, Space Environment and Volatiles, and Radiation – address fundamental lunar environmental science.

The experienced LEADER team will be the first to consider the ramifications of these types of environmental feedback at the Moon: the human system-environmental feedback cycle.

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Funded Partner institutions:

Howard University
Johns Hopkins University – Applied Physics Laboratory
SETI Institute
University of California, Berkeley
University of Iowa, Iowa City
University of Maryland, College Park
University of Maryland/CRESST
University of New Hampshire, Durham

Collaborator institutions:

Astrobotic Technology, Inc.
Georgia Institute of Technology
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NASA's Ames Research Center
State University of New York, Stony Brook
Swedish Institute of Space Physics
University of Colorado, Boulder
University of Southern California

Recent Science Nuggets

Simulating Artificial Lunar Atmospheres (Prem, P., Hurley, D.M., Goldstein, D.B., Varghese, P.L., 2020)

Cosmic Rays and the Weakening Solar Cycle (Rahmanifard, F. et al., 2020)