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NESF 2022 Abstracts – Short titles

Barry, Caela,
Embedding Science Journalism Students in NASA
Farrell, William,
A Lingering Local Exosphere
Hurley, D.,
Implications from scale-lengths of volatile structures
Jordan, A.,
Evidence that Earth's magnetotail affects dielectric breakdown weathering
Keller, J.,
Post proton irradiation increase in O- and OH- sputtering yields on Apollo sample 75201
Killen, R.,
Discussions of Lunar Environmental Protection
Lolachi, Ramin,
Optical Characterization of the DART Impact Plume: Importance of Realistic Ejecta Scattering Properties
McLain, Jason,
Survivability of prebiotic molecules
Morrissey, L.,
Best-practice for SDTrimSP simulations
Poppe, A.,
A comprehensive model for pickup ion formation
Prem, P.,
Reconsidering the Radar Scattering Characteristics
Sarantos, M.,
Effects of porosity on exospheric gas release
Schaible, Micah,
Electrostatically charged dust grain interactions with phospho-lipid Bi-layers
Szabo, Paul S.,
Insights into direct ion precipitation
Tucker, O. J.,
Revisiting Ion-Induced electronic sputtering
Yeo, Li Hsia,
Regolith Dust Mobilization

LEAG 2022 Abstracts

Looper, MD. et al.,
Prem P., Bennett K.,
Inclusive Lunar Exploration LSSW
Saxena P., Graham H. V., Curran N. M.,

EPSC 2022 Abstracts

Killen, R. M. et al.,
Variation of g-values of major species with heliocentric velocity