HIPWAC in the Media

Here is media coverage of our instrument, team members, and science.

  • NASA Press Release on Venus Research
    Venus Weather Not Boring After All, NASA/International Study Shows 09.27.2011 The climate on the surface of Venus is uniformly hot and suffocating. But higher up, the weather gets more interesting, according to a new study of old data by NASA and international scientists.

  • Tim Livengood interviewed for TV segment about NCESSE Family Science Night
    King High School Family Science Night 05.10.2011 The Family Science Night was put on by people with the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education. HIPWAC's Tim Livengood was one of the participating scientists.

  • The Universe Today
    Ozone on Mars: Two Windows Better Than One 02.20.2010 The Universe Today website runs a story about the joint HIPWAC/Mars Express observations of ozone in the Martian atmosphere.

  • Goddard Flickr Page Feature
    Hands-On Astronomy at Mauna Kea 02.02.2010 A Flickr photo feature by NASA science writer Elizabeth Zubritsky offers an intimate look at HIPWAC science at the Infrared Telescope Facility atop Mauna Kea Volcano in Hawaii.

  • ESA Science & Technology
    Two windows on ozone: extending our view of the Martian atmosphere 01/29/2010 The European Space Agency "Science & Technology" website runs a detailed feature story about the coordinated observation campaign of HIPWAC and Mars Express. (Credit: Tim Livengood)

  • Seed Magazine
    Labs at Night: Kostiuk Lab 2008 This gallery shot for Seed Magazine by photographer Noah Kalina includes three images of the Kostiuk Lab at Goddard Space Flight Center.

  • Science
    Newsmakers: Two Cultures
    Access to this article requires a subscription to Science
    12.21.2007 This Science magazine "Newsmaker" article is about the YouTube parody video, "Hotel Mauna Kea," produced by HIPWAC team members. (Credit: NASA/GSFC)

  • NASA Press Release
    Winds Measured on Saturn's Moon Titan to Help Robot Lander 06.29.2004 This NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center press release is about HIPWAC measurements of Titan's winds from the Subaru telescope in support of the Huygens atmospheric probe's plunge into Titan's atmosphere.