Invited Speakers

  • Maria Zuber (MIT)
    GRAIL mission - Principal Investigator
    "Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory:
    From satellite-to-satellite ranging to high-resolution gravity of the Moon"
  • Anil Bhardwaj (Indian Space Research Organization/ISRO)
    Mangalyaan/Mars Orbiter Mission
    "Indian Mars Orbiter Mission" - CANCELLED
  • Jack Mustard (Brown University)
    Mars 2020 Mission, Science Definition Team Chair
    "The Science Objectives and Measurement Priorities of the Mars 2020 Rover Mission"
  • Makoto YOSHIKAWA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency/JAXA)
    "Hayabusa 2, the new challenge based on the lessons learned of Hayabusa"
  • Jorge Vago (European Space Agency)
    ExoMars Mission Scientist
    "Searching for traces of life with the ExoMars rover"
  • Ricardo Arevalo (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center)
    Product Development Lead (MOMA Mass Spectrometer)
    "MOMA-MS instrument on ExoMars"
  • Dave Senske (JPL)
    Europa Clipper Mission Study - Deputy Project Scientist
    "Exploring Europa with the Europa Clipper"
  • Olivier Grasset (Université Nantes - France)
    JUICE ESA Supporting Scientist
    "The JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE): complementarity of the payload in addressing the mission science objectives"
  • Terry Hurford (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center)
    Princial Investigator
    "Balloon Borne Observatory for Planetary Investigations from the Earth Stratosphere"
  • John Baker (JPL)
    JPL Planetary SmallSats - Program Manager
    "Instrument Options for Planetary SmallSats"
  • Donald Cornwell (NASA)
    LADEE mission's laser comm demonstration (LLCD) Project Manager
    "NASA's Optical Communications Program"