Topics list (not exhaustive) for papers and posters

Submitted papers on instruments and critical technologies for the missions listed below are encouraged. (Other papers on topics not on the list will also be considered).


  • Science questions to be addressed in the next decade and beyond
  • Reviews of instruments on past missions - lessons learned and vision for what is needed on next generation of instruments.
  • Contributed talks on existing and upcoming missions (MESSENGER, OSIRIS-Rex, Rosetta, Hayabusa 2, Mangalyaan/Indian Mars Orbiter mission, JUICE, Europa Clipper, ExoMars, MAVEN, LADEE, ...)
  • Instrumentation for descent probes (Saturn, Uranus, Venus, ...)
  • Instrumentation for in-situ analysis missions (Venus in-situ Explorer, Titan Lake Lander, ...)
  • Instrumentation for next generation orbiters (Io, Mars 2020, TGO/ExoMars, ESA/JUICE, Europa Clipper mission, Enceladus, Trojan Tour and Rendezvous,...)
  • Technology for in-situ analysis and sample return (Lunar, Mars, Comet surface (i.e. Rosetta), NEOs (i.e OSIRIS-Rex), ...)
  • Instruments on future Mars landers (ExoMars, Mars 2020 & beyond, ...)
  • Imaging, cooling, readout and on-board processing technology for future planetary missions
  • CubeSats concepts for planetary missions
  • Interplanetary laser ranging and communications (LADEE, ...)
  • Electronics for extreme environments (temperature and radiation)
  • Human space flight missions to planetary targets (beyond low Earth orbit) with science outcomes (NEO, Mars, ...)