Lunar Extreme Program Syllabus - Weeks 1-8

  • Week 5: Observing the Sun

    Learning Goals:

    Students will develop an understanding of how scientists use the electromagnetic spectrum to observe the Sun and will also be able to describe what solar features are visible in various wavelengths of light:
    • White light
    • X-Rays
    • UV

    Students will be able to describe:
    • Nature of sunspots
    • Sunspot cycle
    • How do we explore the Sun
    • A magnetogram

    Suggested Reading/Resources:

    • Overview of the electromagnetic spectrum: View Here
    ● The Multispectral Sun: View Here
    ● The Exploratorium’s Sunspots website: View Here
    ● Magnetograms: View Here
    ● The Sun and Space Weather: A presentation for high school teachers (Note that this presentation is one that can be revisited from weeks 3-12!) View Here