Dynamic Response of the Environments at Asteroids, the Moon, and moons of Mars


"How do the highly-variable energy and matter in the space environment affect volatile stability, exosphere formation, plasma interactions, surface micro-structure, and visiting human systems at any exposed rocky body?"

DREAM2 has six supporting themes:

1. Advance understanding of the enveloping plasma interaction regions over small to large spatial scales and body sizes and over a broad range of driver intensities.

2. Advance understanding of the surface release and loss of the neutral gas exosphere over small to large spatial scales and body sizes and a broad range of driver intensities.

3. Advance understanding of the galactic and solar radiation environments at the targeted airless bodies emphasizing material interaction/reactions to the incident high-energy particles.

4. Examine the effect solar energy and incident particulate matter has on surface interactions in creating reactive chemistry and regolith(dust) transport.

5. Identify common links between the neutral, plasma, radiation, and surface systems and test these linkages by modeling extreme environmental events.

6. Apply this new-found environmental knowledge to guide decision-making for future planetary missions and to aid in human exploration.