Dynamic Response of the Environments at Asteroids, the Moon, and moons of Mars

Cary Zeitlin

1. What is your role on the DREAM2 team?

Using data from the CRaTER instrument to model the energetic particle radiation environment on and below the lunar surface.

2. What about DREAM2 do you find most interesting? Most challenging?

Finding time to work on it! Not a very good answer, I know, sorry...

3. Were you a part of the original DREAM team, funded through the NASA Lunar Science Institute? If so, what was your favorite science result?

Was not part of the original team.

4. What other NASA programs or missions have you participated in?

LRO (CRaTER), Mars Odyssey, MSL, and making ground-based physics measurements in support of NASA's radiation biology program.

5. What kind/level of education do you have?

Ph.D. in experimental high-energy particle physics.

6. What advice do you have for students who want to work for NASA or on NASA-related research?

Be prepared to be flexible! NASA changes priorities on time scales far shorter than a career, so scientists have to be able to come up to speed quickly on new topics as focus areas change.

7. What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

Outside of work? What's that? Kidding...I'm a huge baseball fan and enjoy distance running when time allows.