Dynamic Response of the Environments at Asteroids, the Moon, and moons of Mars


DREAM2 ModelsPast, Present and Future Data Sets for Model Validation
Monte Carlo Exosphere/Corona Model(Hurley, Burger) Lunar Prospector
Coupled Exosphere and Exo-ionosphere Model (Sarantos) ARTEMIS
Lunar Exosphere Simulator (LExS)(Hodges) Wind
Impact Model (Colaprete) Geotail
Community Coordinated Modeling Center MHD CME models (Zheng, Pulkkinen, Kuznetsova) ALSEP/Suprathermal Ion Detector Experiment
Kinetic Treecode Simulations of Airless Plasma Environments (Zimmerman, Poppe) LRO
Particle-in Cell Plasma-Surface Coding (Poppe, Farrell) LCROSS
Hybrid Simulations (Holmstorm) LADEE
Equivalent Circuit/Plasma Grounding Model (Jackson) MAVEN
Surface Charging Analytical Model (Stubbs) OSIRIS-REx
Optical Scattering by Lunar Exospheric Dust (Glenar) RESOLVE
PREDICCS Radiation Model (Schwadron)
Deep Dielectric Discharge from Radiation (Jordon) Laboratory Resources
3D EM code for studying Scattering from Weathered Surfaces (Zimmerman) Suprathermal Particle Lab at GSFC (Keller, McLain)
OTS packages: GEANT, NASCAP Low Frequency Radio Laboratory at GSFC (Farrell, Jackson, MacDowall)
Cosmic Ice Lab at GSFC (Hudson, Loeffler)
Multicharged Ion Research Facility (MIRF) at Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL) (Meyer)