Dynamic Response of the Environments at Asteroids, the Moon, and moons of Mars

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John Marshall

1. What is your role on the DREAM2 team?

I get to play in the sandbox. Everyone else has to sit at their computers. The research I do relates to the general theory of dust entrainment in all/any environment, but especially low gravity, airless environments such as the Moon or asteroids. Experimental data are the source, combined with theory.

2. What about DREAM2 do you find most interesting? Most challenging?

All experiments are challenging by their very nature! There is no such thing as a bad experiment (the laws of physics cannot be changed)..only a bad understanding of what you did in the lab.

3. Were you a part of the original DREAM team, funded through the NASA Lunar Science Institute? If so, what was your favorite science result?

Yes, an original member. I would use the word "significant" rather than "favorite". I predicted that there would be no electrostatic levitation on the Moon, and LADEE confirmed this.

4. What other NASA programs or missions have you participated in?

Missions: USML-1, USML-2, Space Station, KC135, Mars 01 (cancelled), Mars 03 (cancelled), Phoenix, LADEE, OSIRIS-Rex

Programs: Too numerous to list

5. What kind/level of education do you have?

Not enough, but Ph.D. Is a good start.

6. What advice do you have for students who want to work for NASA or on NASA-related research?

Use the involvement as a stepping stone. Don't get caught in the soft-money trap!

7. What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

I'll never tell...