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CUVE: CubeSat UV Experiment

Valeria Cottini, University of Maryland, NASA/GSFC Planetary Systems Laboratory
Co-Is (alphabetical):
S. Aslam, N. Gorius, T. Hewagama, G. Piccioni

CUVE is a 12U high-altitude orbiter in a polar orbit around Venus. It is a targeted mission, with a dedicated science payload and a compact spacecraft bus capable of interplanetary flight independently or as a ride-share with another mission to Venus or to a different target.

CUVE Payload includes:

  • 190-380 nm high resolution spectrometer
  • 320-520 nm contextual imaging spectrometer

CUVE Science Objectives are: insights on the nature of the "Unknown" UV-absorber; the abundances and distributions of SO2 and SO at and above Venus's cloud tops and correlation with the UV absorber; atmospheric dynamics at the cloud tops; and structure of upper clouds and wind measurements from cloud-tracking and nightglow emissions: NO, CO, O2.