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Existing cross-divisional capabilities regarding the effects of plasma and dust around the Solar System address questions that are dispersed throughout the Planetary and Helio Decadal surveys to enable both science and exploration of planetary environments.

EIMM: Exosphere-Ionosphere-Magnetosphere Modeling

Co-Leads: OJ Tucker, Diego Janches

Apply existing and develop improved kinetic and fluid modeling tools to study the coupling between planetary exospheres, ionospheres and magnetospheres throughout the Solar System.

Three sub-objectives:

  • Model atmospheric loss, including ion outflow, from the upper atmospheres of Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Titan. Validate with data
  • Extend dynamical models of dust transport in our Solar System; evaluate the influx of asteroidal and cometary material to planetary atmospheres and the space weathering of airless bodies by meteoroid impacts; and calibrate with data from the outer to the inner Solar System (Jupiter/Saturn system to Mercury)
  • Compare planetary magnetospheres and their interactions with exospheres and surfaces. Targeting Jovian and Saturnian plasma interactions with Icy Moons, solar wind interactions with Mercury’s regolith.