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Citizen Scientists

SAM will contribute to the Citizen Science projects the Mars Public Engagement Team manages. More to come soon!

Be a Martian

In NASA's Be a Martian, you can help scientists learn about Mars by identifying important features in images returned from Mars rovers. You can also ask and vote on questions for NASA Mars experts, explore a Tourist Mars Atlas, send postcards to Spirit, and visit the Two Moons Theater.

Mars Trek

Mars Trek is a free, Web-based application that provides high-quality, detailed visualizations of the planet using real data from 50 years of NASA exploration and allowing astronomers, citizen scientists and students to study the Red Planet's features.

Experience Curiosity

Experience Curiosity allows viewers to journey along with the rover, including the SAM instrument suite, on its expedition within Gale Crater. The program simulates Mars in 3-D based on actual data from Curiosity and NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), giving users first-hand experience in a day in the life of a Mars rover.